Strategic inclusion visit:  Equality and diversity in the early years

Ideal for
Early Years settings

This visit from an Equality and Inclusion Adviser will support you to consider how to meet the needs of the entire range of children and families in your care. It will support you to use the grade descriptors from the Ofsted evaluation schedule to consider how well your setting actively promotes equality and diversity including the promotion of British Values. 

Prior to the visit you will have the opportunity to discuss exactly what you would like the focus of the visit to be and to identify the intended outcomes. 

The visit can be designed to meet your own specific needs and the outcomes will be agreed prior to the visit, but could include elements of the following:

Completion of an inclusion audit to support identification of gaps in provision

Consideration of how to ensure all practitioners are aware of national and local legislation which promote equality of opportunity including the SEND Code of Practice, the EYFS 

Statutory Framework, Equality Act 2010 and the Kent Vulnerable Children’s Strategy Support to identify the use of a range of resources and activities that reflect the diversity of the children’s experiences

Consideration of how to challenge gender, cultural and racial stereotyping in order to help children gain an understanding of people, families and communities beyond their immediate experience

Consideration of strategies to support engagement of all families regardless of background

How practitioners are tackling any instances of discrimination including being alert to potential risks from radicalisation and extremism

Three or Six  Hour Adviser Visit

Delivery Options
A three or six hour adviser visit with written report and follow up telephone call, to discuss impact of implementation of the agreed actions.