9.   The Thread:  Education For Sustainable Development

In response to UNESCO's Sustainable Development Goals , Threads of Success are developing a programme to support the delivery of these global goals in settings.  More information will follow soon, but these currently include:

The Education for Sustainable Development Audit, which:

  • Sets up learning opportunities with direct links to the EYFS and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Enhances an appreciation of the immediate environment and the wider world.

  • Promotes new skills and concepts for children and adults.

  • Encourages positive attitudes and habits.

  • Strengthens community awareness and fosters practical links.

  • Assists financial sustainability.

The "I can....." booklet:

  • Inspires and broadens children's minds.

  • Promotes children's self esteem.

  • Demonstrates practical learning with links to the EYFS and SDGs.

  • Strengthens partnership working with families/carers and promotes continuity of learning between home and the setting.

  • Incentivises a family approach to learning and exploring.

  • Promotes sustainable behaviours at home and in the wider community.

If you would like more information, please contact ESD@theeducationpeople.org