A Guide to gardening Development Wheel – (DW15)

This Development Wheel will get you started and develop your understanding of all gardening areas.

It is designed to help guide you through the jobs and activities you are likely to need to be aware of, or need to do, whether it be at home or in the outside space of a nursery or other setting.

Split into nine sections the moveable wheel twists round to the relevant section.  Sections cover key gardening areas such as:
- Getting started
- Gardening terms
- Tools
- Planning
- Planting and plants
- A seasonal gardening calendar

There is also a children's section that will help to get children into gardening and learn about gardening safely.

This wheel was written by practitioners and early years advisors to ensure that it will meet the needs of not only parents and carers, but also practitioners, students and others working in early years.

All the regular sized discs are approx. 230mm in diameter and are laminated for strength.