A Guide to Pregnancy and Antenatal Care – Development Wheel (DW4)

This new, full-colour wheel has been developed by a London Early Years and Community Services team, along with local NHS practitioners at North West London Hospital Trust. 

Like the other wheels, this version twists around to reveal the section you need, with one side showing the babies development with images and the other side covering key developments.

Key developments include how the baby is forming, what the 'mum-to-be' might be noticing and consideration of each stage of the pregnancy.  Section one is from week zero to week eight and the last section is from 36 weeks through to birth, with the other seven sections covering the twenty eight weeks in between.

The wheel also features a calendar to enable you to count the weeks of your pregnancy and a ruler to give an idea of the baby’s size at any stage of the pregnancy.

All the regular sized discs are approx. 230mm in diameter and are laminated for strength.