A Parent’s Guide to Safety in the Home – Development Wheel (DW10)

This easy to use full-colour wheel twists around to reveal the section you need and has information on both sides.  

Split into eight sections on each side, this wheel will primarily help parents and other adults to keep younger children safe within the home environment. 

It looks at what you can do within different rooms of the house to make it safer for young children, so that you can do your best to try to avoid accidents and injuries. It also covers the garden, when you are out and about in the car, or with your child/children using their toys within various outdoor locations. 

This wheel was written by health and safety professionals to ensure that it will meet the needs of parents, carers and families.

Sections include the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and out and about. There is also an 'in an emergency' section and fire safety advice on the back of the wheel.

All the regular sized discs are approx. 230mm in diameter and are laminated for strength.