Equality and Diversity in the Early Years

Ideal for
Early Years Manager, Deputy, SENCo and Early Years Practitioners.

This course aims to extend practitioner knowledge and understanding of inclusive practice and will explore how the Early Years Foundation Stage represents a child, and family centred, approach

How can you actively promote equality and diversity and narrow any gaps in outcomes between different groups of children?

Place equality, diversity and British Values at the heart of your practice and demonstrate a strong commitment to challenging any instances of discrimination effectively

Promote equality of opportunity and recognition of diversity through a whole setting approach to teaching and learning.

After attending this course you will be able to:

reflect honestly on personal attitudes feeling, pre-conceptions and tendencies to stereotype

actively promote equality and diversity through good teaching to narrow the achievement gap in children's learning and development

implement ways to foster a strong sense of belonging so that all children and families feel valued and included in your setting

One Day and Half Day Courses

Delivery Options
1 day course (advertised via CPD online)                            

1 day course delivered in house or to collaborations 

Half day course delivered in house or to collaborations 

Equality and Inclusion Adviser visit