makaton enhancement workshop (3 days) 

Ideal for

Professionals who have already attended the Makaton Foundation Workshop. You must have completed the Foundation Workshop prior to enrolling on the Enhancement Workshop. It will be assumed that participants know the signs learnt on the Foundation Workshop (stages 1-4 of the Core Vocabulary, plus Additional Vocabulary) and can use these signs confidently.


The Enhancement Workshop concentrates on improving and developing signing and symbol skills.  You will learn translation skills using signs and symbols.

Lectures examine the assessment of users’ needs, adapting communication to suit an individual’s needs and how to develop communication skills.  You will revise the signs and symbols you learned on the Foundation Workshop and learn the signs and symbols for Stages 5-8 of the Core Vocabulary.


This workshop will enable you to:

  • Consolidate previous learning from the Foundation Workshop

  • Learn signs and symbols for Makaton Core Vocabulary Stages 5-8

  • Further develop personal signing skills in an interactive and fun environment with other professionals

Develop skills in reading back signed and symbolled information from:

a) competent communicators, and

b) others with more individual styles

  • Develop skills in interpreting meaning from spoken and written information and expressing it appropriately through signs, symbols and speech

  • Gain knowledge about the components of signs and how to analyse them

  • Increase understanding about the function of the Makaton Resource Vocabulary in relation to the Core Vocabulary

  • Develop skills in adapting information to suit the varying needs and different abilities of interactive partners

  • Increase awareness of different communication strategies to develop the sign and symbol user’s own communication skills and confidence

  • Gain insight into and knowledge of the varied use of the Makaton Programme in different environment and settings


Three full days

Delivery Options

Three day course either accessible as an individual through CPD Online or as a whole group training for your setting.   

Study materials

You will receive 6 workshop manuals, Pocket Book of Signs 2 and Pocket Book of Symbols 2.  You will also be given a certificate of attendance.  Please remember to keep your Enhancement Workshop certificate in case you want to attend further Makaton training.

If you wish to discuss your Makaton training needs further please email: