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A Place to Be (Thread 4 )

A Place to Explore (Thread 5)

Activ8 All (Thread 6 - Out of School Enrichments)

An Evening with ......using makaton with singing (Thread 7 - The Core SEND)

Are you Ready for Your Inspection? (Thread 2 - Leadership and Management )

Are you Ready for Your Inspection? (Out of School) (Thread 6- Out of School Essentials)

Assessment in the Early Years, Tracking and Monitoring Children's Progress. (Thread 7 - Tracking & Monitoring)

A Successful Charity (Thread 1)


Babies are amazing! (Thread 4)

Being Creative (Thread 4)

Best practice guidance download and hardcopy (Products page)

Bespoke Strategic Improvement Visit (Thread 10)

Bring on the Boys (Thread 7 - Tracking and Monitoring)


Celebrating Boys’ Learning and Development: Slugs and Snails  (Thread 3 - Enrichments)

Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning (Thread 3 - EYFS Mandatory )

Childminder Training: Safeguarding Children and Thresholds (Thread 2 - Safeguarding)

Children's Right to be Heard (Thread 3- EYFS Enrichments)

Collaboration Leaders Support Package (Thread 2)

Continuous Improvement Visits (Thread 10 Continuous Improvement) 

Creating an Effective Indoor Environment (Thread 6- Enrichments to Practice)

Creating an Effective Outdoor environment (Thread 6 - Enrichments to Practice )


Den Building (Thread 3- EYFS Enrichments)

Development Wheels (Products page)


Early Identification of Children with SEND (Thread 7 - SEND )

Early Years Basic Child Protection  Awareness (Thread 2 - Safeguarding)

Early Years Safeguarding for Designated Safeguarding Lead Person (Thread 2 - Safeguarding)

Early Years Safeguarding Refresher (Thread 2 - Safeguarding)

Early Years SENCo Training (Thread 7 SEND)

Early Years Webinar Series (Products page)

Education for Sustainable Development (Thread 9) 

Effective Relationships and Partnerships for OOS (Thread 6- Out of School Essentials)

Effective Self-Evaluation (Thread 2 - Leadership & Management)

Effective Self Evaluation for Out of School Settings (Thread 6- Out of School Essentials)

EFICL - Pathways to Excellence Training and Toolkit  (Thread 8 - Parent & Family)

EFICL – Learning Links  (Thread 8 - Parent & Family)

EFICL - Pathways to Excellence Toolkit (Products Page)

E-Learning (Thread 2)

Emporium Plus (Thread 2)

Encouraging Positive Behaviour in the Early Years (Thread 7 - SEND)

English as an Additional Language in the Early Years (Thread 7 - Communication & Language)

Equality and Diversity in the Early Years (Thread 7)

Every Child a Talker (ECAT) (Thread 7 - Communication & Language)

Exploring Schemas: Patterns of Play (Thread 3 - EYFS Essentials)


Getting it right for Children and Families with English as an Additional Language in the Early Years (products page) 

GDPR form

Global Action Programme Workshop (Thread 9)


Healthy Lifestyles in the Early Years (Thread 3 EYFS Essentials)

High Order Language for the Early Years (Thread 3 EYFS Enrichments)

How to Break Even and Avoid Bad Debt (Thread 1)

How to use Threads of Success and KCC CPD Online (About)


I CAN Early Talk Boost (Thread 7 - Communication & Language)

I CAN Talk Boost YR & KS1 (Thread 7 - Communication & Language)

Improvement and Achievement Awards (Thread 10 - Continuous Improvement)

Inclusive Practice in Out of School Settings (Thread 6- Enrichments to Practice)

Introduction to Early Years Forest School (Thread 3 - EYFS Enrichments)

Introduction to Play and Playwork (Thread 6- Out of School Essentials)

Introduction to the EYFS for New Practitioners (Thread 3 - Mandatory)


KCC Funded 


Leaders of Learning Outstanding Practitioners make the difference (Thread 2- Leadership and Management)

Leadership and Management Professional Development Programme (Thread 2- Leadership and Management)

Leading on Learning for Two Year Olds (Thread 2- Leadership and Management)

Leading on the Physical Needs of Two Year Olds (Thread 2- Leadership and Management)

Learning Links (EFICL) (Thread 8)

Letters and Sounds (Thread 3 - EYFS Essentials)

Let's Look at Literacy (Thread 3- EYFS Essentials)

Little Scientists (Thread 3- EYFS Enrichments)

Little Treasures (Thread 4)

Loose Parts (Thread 3 - EYFS Enrichments )


Magic of Maths (Thread 3 - EYFS Enrichments)

Makaton Workshops (Thread 7 - Communication & Language)

Making the Moderator (Thread 2 - Leadership and Management)

Marketing and Promotion for Success (Thread 1) 

Mentor and Coaching Programme (Thread 2 - Leadership and Management)

Mud Mud, Glorious Mud! (Thread 3 - EYFS Enrichments)

Musical Minors (Thread 3 - EYFS Enrichments)


New Provider Set Up Visit (Thread 1)

New Provider Start Up Pack (Thread1)


Observation, Assessment and Planning (Thread 3- EYFS Mandatory)

OFSTED Health Check for Childminders (Thread 10)

Once upon a Story (Thread 5)

One, Two Build a Few: Block Play for Learning (Thread 3 - EYFS Enrichments)

Online Safeguarding (e-safety) for Designated Safeguarding Lead (Thread 2- Safeguarding)

Online Learning Resources and Forms

Out of School Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Workshop (Thread 6- Enrichments to Practice)

Open-Ended, Exploratory Play (Thread 5)

Outdoor Play for Two Year Olds (Thread 5)


Planning for Play, Monitoring and Evaluation (Thread 6 - Essentials)

Play Theory into Practice (Thread 6 - Essentials)

Prime Importance of Communication and Language in the Early Years  (Thread 7 Communication & Language)


Quality Assurance Statement


Recruitment Toolkit (Products page)


SENCo Handbook (Products page)

Schema Development Wheels (Products page)

Schema DVD (Full Version) (Products page)

School Improvement Services 

SEND Equality and Inclusion Advisor Support Visit (Thread 7 - SEND)

Setting up a Collaboration (Support Visit)  (Thread 2)

Small Steps (Download & Hardcopy)  (Products page)

Strategic Business Visit (Thread 10)

Strategic Inclusion Visit: Communication and Language (Thread 10)

Strategic Inclusion Visit: Equality and Diversity in the Early Years (Thread 10)

Strategic Inclusion Visit:Tracking and Monitoring (Thread 10)

Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well being - Making the audit work for you (Thread 2 - Leadership and Management)

Supporting British Values Through Practice (Thread 2 - Leadership and Management)

Supporting Family Involvement in Children's Learning   (Thread 3 - Mandatory)

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Two Year Olds (Thread 2- Leadership and Management)

Supporting Two Year Olds Through Sensory Play (Thread 5)

Supervision and performance management in the Early Years (Thread 2 - Leadership and Management)


Terms and Conditions


The Annual Conversation Visit (Thread 10)

The Education for Sustainable Development Audit (Thread 9)

The 30 Hours Toolkit (Products page)

The “I can…..”Booklet (Thread 9)

The Kent Progress Tracker  Including Manual(Products page)

The Kent Progress Tracker Manual (Products page)

The Kent Progress Tracker (KPT) - Intervention Tool (Products page) 

The Key Person Approach (Thread 3 - EYFS Mandatory)

The Key Person Approach OOS (Thread 6 - Enrichments to Practice)

Time to Talk Technology (Thread 3 - EYFS Enrichments)

Transitions Matters Pack  (Thread 3 - Mandatory)

Unlocking Outstanding Potential - Pathways to Excellence Workshop (Thread 2 - Leadership and Management)  

Using Persona Dolls (Thread 7 - Equality and Diversity)

Using Visual Support in the Early Years  (Thread 7 SEND) 


Walking in the Shoes of Giants (Thread 5)

Wellbeing and Involvement (Thread 3- EYFS Essentials) 

Why are Clouds Fluffy? Sustained Shared Thinking (Thread 3 - EYFS Essentials)

Working as Part of a Collaboration (Thread 2 - Partnership and Collaboration)