How to Break-even and Avoid BAD Debt (Half day)                

Event Description

Is your setting financially viable? Are you covering all your costs? Are you accruing or carrying bad debts?
The purpose of this course is, firstly to understand the break-even process and how you can adjust costs to help your business become self-sustainable and, secondly, to demonstrate the impact on a business of accruing bad debts.

Ideal for:
Those decision makers responsible for setting fees and procuring services. This training would also be useful for the administrator or record keeper of the Early Years or Out of School setting.

Training Objectives

After attending this course, you will :

  • Understand how to calculate your break even

  • Know how to help your business to become sustainable in the future

  • Understand the impact of bad debt on your business

You will also have the opportunity to reflect on your practice, benefit from the cross-dissemination of ideas and inputs from other delegates and receive tailored guidance and support from an experienced Early Years and Childcare professional

KCC Funded

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Individual Price:

Within Kent: KCC funded, Outside Kent: £60 +VAT

Group Price:

Within Kent: KCC funded, Outside Kent: £385

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