Unlocking Outstanding Potential - Pathway to Excellence Workshop  (1 DAY)

The aim of this course is to build on an existing foundation and knowledge, to nurture your growth and develop a culture of outstanding practice to:

  • understand the Ofsted grade descriptors and their inter-connectivity

  • develop a framework for your journey to outstanding

  • lead to challenge a culture and belief that "Good is Good enough".

Outcomes to this:

  • enhance knowledge and understanding of the requirements of being outstanding

  • develop a clear ethos and vision for your own setting to move to outstanding

  • understand how to ensure staff disposition and attitude promote exceptional outcomes for every child

  • develop the culture of outstanding practice.

This training course also forms part of the "Unlocking Outstanding Potential" programme. 

Individual Price:

Within Kent:£70 +VAT, Outside Kent: £110 +VAT

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