New Provider Start up Pack

Ideal for
All those considering establishing an Early Years and Childcare setting.

Are you considering establishing an Early Years and Childcare setting?  This pack will provide you with comprehensive information on the role of KCC’s Early Years and Childcare Service, informs you how to access government funding for Free Early Education and the Early Years Pupil Premium and signposts you to some required statutory documents.

Those who have read the New Provider Information Pack will: 

Have knowledge of the support available from KCC and how to access it

Have an understanding on how to register to provide Free Early Education and Childcare 

Be signposted to essential documents

Delivery Options
There are two New Provider Information Packs, one for Early Years settings and one for Out Of School settings.  They are available to download from KELSI. 

The pack is KCC funded, so is free to anyone wishing to establish a setting within Kent.

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