Strategic Inclusion Visit (3 OR 6 HOUR VISIT AVAILABLE)                                        

These visits can be tailored to your setting and it’s Equality and Inclusion strategies, or can focus on one of the following for themes:

Equality and Diversity in the Early Years Strategic Inclusion Visit:  This visit from an Equality and Inclusion Adviser will support you to consider how to meet the needs of the entire range of children and families in your care.

Tracking and Monitoring Strategic Inclusion Visit:  This visit will support the implementation and use of tracking systems and how to use the data to identify gaps in provision and progress in order to improve outcomes for children in the setting. It will support you to identify which children are at risk of delay and what can be done to support their progress.

Communication and Language Strategic Inclusion Visit: This visit is designed to support you to ensure that the Prime area of communication and language is given high priority and staff interactions are supporting the development of age appropriate communication and language.

SEND Equality and Inclusion Adviser Support Visit:    This visit forms part of the county provision to support children who are at risk of delay or who may have a special educational need. This is KCC funded for Kent settings.