The Kent Progress Tracker Manual

Price: £27 +zero rated VAT

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Designed for use alongside the Kent Progress Tracker, our new manual is divided into sections that will provide you with everything you need to effectively track and monitor the progress of all your children:

Section One provides comprehensive instructions that will guide you step by step through each section of the Kent Progress Tracker

Section Two gives detailed information about how to analyse the data the Kent Progress Tracker produces and the different ways this is shown and can be used.

Section Three is for your own current data and assessment processes which, alongside the analysis of your data, provide essential information for you to share with parents, other professionals and Ofsted.

Section Four introduces our newest product, The Kent Progress Tracker - Intervention Tool. A new and unique way to monitor the effectiveness of short term interventions and funding streams, showing the impact these can have on children’s progress, the narrowing of attainment gaps and improving outcomes.  

 The Manual demonstrates information and analysis through:

  • Percentages

  • Charts

  • Summary Sheets

  • Area of Learning Sheets

  • Individual Child Reports

Together with the Kent Progress Tracker, this makes a complete and comprehensive resource to support you with this vital area of your work.