The Threads – The Core Elements

The Threads of Success are the ten key areas that Kent County Council’s Early Years and Childcare Service believes should be reflected in the practice of any early years and childcare business in order to achieve excellence and be sustainable. It is assumed that Safeguarding and Equality and Inclusion are intrinsically woven into every early years provision and, therefore, are woven into every Thread.  They also have their own specific sections if you want to focus more deeply on these key areas.

Sitting behind each of the Threads is a range of options that has the potential to ‘weave’ together to lead to and sustain excellence.  These are the Core Elements, and they can be found below.

1. A Successful Business

  • New Provider Set Up Visit
  • New Provider Start-up Pack
  • Marketing and Promotion for Success
  • How to Break Even and Avoid Bad Debt
  • Leadership and Management 

2. Leadership and Management 

  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Committee Matters
  • Safeguarding
  • E-Learning
  • Leadership and Management
  • Transition 

3. Early Years Foundation Stage: Enhancing Learning Throughout

  • EYFS Mandatory
  • EYFS Essentials
  • EYFS Enrichments
  • Emporium Plus
  • Equality and Inclusion

4. Early Years Foundation Stage:  Babies and Under Twos

  • Why Love Matters
  • Skilful Communicators
  • Movers and Shakers
  • A Place to Be
  • Routines Matter
  • Little Treasures
  • Being Creative

5.  Early Years Foundation Stage: Two Year Olds

  • Walking in the Shoes of Giants
  • Heuristic and Exploratory Play
  • Open Ended and Sensory Play
  • Outdoor Play for Two Year Olds
  • A Place to Explore
  • Once Upon a Story

6. Early Years Foundation Stage and beyond:  Out of School Provision

  • Out of School Essentials
    • Are you Ready for Your Inspection
    • Introduction to Play and Playwork
    • Play Theory into Practice
    • Effective Self-Evaluation  for Out of School Settings
    • Effective Relationships and Partnerships 
    • Planning for Play, Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Out of School Enrichment to Practice 
    • Creating an Effective Indoor Environment
    • Creating an Effective Outdoor Environment
    • Introduction to Early Years Forest Schools
    • Actv8All
    • Slugs and Snails 
    • Inclusive Practice in Out Of School
    • Out of School Educational Needs and Disabilities Workshop 

7. Equality and Inclusion

  • Equality and Diversity in the Early Years
    • English as an Additional Language in the Early Years
    • Inclusive Practice in Out of School Settings
    • Equality and Diversity in the Early Years
    • Encouraging Positive Behaviour in the Early Years
    • Strategic Inclusion Visit:  All Children and Families Included
    • Using Persona Dolls
    • Bring on the Boys
    • Early Years Signing and Visual Support
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in the Early Years
    •  Early Years SENCo Training
    • SENCo Handbook
    • Makaton
    • Best Practice Guidance and the Targeted Plan
    • Encouraging Positive Behaviour in the Early Years
    • Out of School Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Workshop
    • Early Identification of Children with SEND
    • An Evening With...
    • Early Years Signing and Visual Support
    • SEND Equality and Inclusion Adviser Support Visit
  • Communication and Language in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
    • Prime Importance of Communication and Language
    • English as an Additional Language in the Early Years
    • Makaton
    • I CANTalk Boost (YR and KS1)
    • Every Child a Talker (ECAT)
    • I CAN Early Talk Boost
    • Using Signing and Visual Support
    • Strategic Inclusion Visit:  Communication and Language
  • Assessment in the Early Years:Tracking and Monitoring Children’s Progress
    • Bring on the Boys
    • Tracking and Monitoring Children's Process Equality and Inclusion Advisor Support Visit
    • Intervention Tool  
    • Assessment in the Early Years, Tracking and Monitoring Children's Progress 1 Day Course
    • Assessment in the Early Years, Tracking and Monitoring Children's Progress: Strategic Inclusion Visit 
    • Tracking Progress Introductory Workshop
    • English as an Additional Language in the Early Years
    • The Kent Progress Tracker Intervention Tool
    • The Kent Progress Tracker Including Manual 
    • The Kent Progress Tracker Manual 

8. Parent and Family Involvement

  • Supporting Family Involvement in Children’s Learning
  • Learning Links (EFICL)
  • Enhancing Family Involvement in Children’s Learning (EFICL) – Principles into Practice

9. Education for Sustainable Development

  • The Education for Sustainable Development Audit
  • "I Can...." Booklet

10. Continuous Improvement

  • Strategic Improvement Visits
  • Strategic Inclusion Visits
  • Strategic Business Visit
  • The Annual Conversation Visit
  • OFSTED Health Check for Childminders
  • New Provider Set Up Visit  
  • Setting Up a Collaboration Visit 
  • Awards 

Before you book a course or a place on a course, please read the course information to ensure the learning outcomes and overall course is suitable for the setting or delegate attending.