The Kent Progress TrackEr including manual  

Ideal for
All settings

The Ofsted Evaluation Schedule and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) make it clear that settings must meet the needs of the range of children. Research shows there is an achievement gap between groups of children when they enter a setting. Early years practitioners need to establish clear starting points, monitor progress and analyse accurate data to ensure that this gap is narrowed.

The Kent Progress Tracker, along with the manual, can help practitioners to monitor the progress of individual and groups of children taking account of their starting points and capabilities. It can help settings to show the impact of what they do as they support children to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills to develop and learn effectively, and be ready for the next stage in their learning and development, including school.

The Kent Progress Tracker will enable you to:
Identify vulnerable groups

Identify when a child is at risk of delay

Demonstrate the impactof your practice on children’s outcomes

Demonstrate the impact of additional funding such as the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

Gather information that enables you to direct your resources in the most appropriate way

The manual is presented as an A4 folder, complete with the Kent Progress Tracker on an accompanying USB stick. 

Training and support visits are available, to purchase separately on the Threads website.