School Improvement Services

The Early Years Foundation Stage Improvement Advisers for schools offer expertise with bespoke training, support, encouragement and challenge to enable Headteachers, Senior Leadership Teams and teachers working in the Early Years Foundation Stage to improve all aspects of quality and provision, and therefore, provide better experiences and learning opportunities for all children. 

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  • Data analysis (Half Day)
  • Developing tracking processes  (Half Day)
  • Tracking for individual pupils / vulnerable groups addressing acceleration of progress for individuals / groups  (Half Day)
  • Audit of development of prime and specific areas of learning (Half Day)
  • Analysis of and response to pupil behaviour in lessons (Half Day)
  • Evaluating strategies to improve behaviour and attendance and age appropriate expectations of behaviour (Half Day)
  • Support to prevent exclusions in EYFS classes (Half Day)
  • Managing behaviour and conflict resolution techniques
  • Curriculum review and development:

          o    Joint observations with Senior Leaders

          o    Observations assessment and planning

          o    Whole School Improvement Planning (Full Day)

  • Understanding of assessment in EYs including all formative and summative tools available including the statutory assessment -   (Profile) (Half Day)
  • Support recruitment of EYFS Teachers (Half Day)
  • Supporting leadership in: capability / performance issues (Half Day)
  • Support and advice linked with whole school improvement plan (Half Day)
  • Phonics in EYFS (Half Day)
  • Ofsted Readiness (Full Day)
  • LA Teaching and Learning Reviews (Full Day)
  • Role of adults in supporting learning including TA (Half Day)
  • Lesson observations to validate judgements (Half Day)
  • Support to improve quality of teaching
  • Consistently good to outstanding (Half Day)
  • Observation Assessment and Planning (Half Day)
  • Environment to optimise learning – indoor and out

o    Age appropriate environments and resources

o    A challenging environment (Half Day)

  • Interaction and climate for learning (Half Day)
  • Mixed age EYFS / KS1 Good Practice (Half Day)
  • Transition from pre-school setting (Half Day)
  • Transition into Year 1 (Half Day)
  • Support for NQT / New to EYFS Teachers and additional classes (increase on roll) (Half Day)
  • Supporting and providing for 2 year olds (Half Day)