Enhancing Family Involvement in Children’s Learning (EFICL) – Pathways to Excellence Toolkit

Toolkit Price: £38 +VAT

Would you benefit from a range of resources to support you in enhancing family involvement in children’s learning? 

This award winning product is relevant to every setting that would like to better engage their children’s parents and families and  will provide you with core principles and a range of quality resources including:

  • “Getting to know you” – visits to family home booklet

  • SmarterPlay app – information on our exciting app for families in Kent

  • An introductory DVD on Schema and supporting guide

EFICL Pack.jpg

The below resources  are included in the pack and can be purchased separately. 

  • Wall planner and strategies booklet to enable better family engagement throughout the year: £20 +VAT*

  • Audit and reflection tools for EY settings, OOS settings and Children’s Centres: £16.50 +VAT each*

  • Full DVD on “The Power of Schema” filmed in schools, settings and childminders in Kent: £20 +VAT

  • The Power of Schema Full DVD and Guide: £26 +VAT

  • The Power of Schema Guide: £14.50 +VAT*

*zero rated VAT

A Headteacher who recently attended EFICL Principles into Practice training said:

“(EFICL) Clearly outlines the high standards of excellent practice we all aspire to.  Food for thought in unpicking how actively we live and breathe these principles – how far do we involve as well as inform……Inspiring and enabling.  Thought provoking.  A great day, really worthwhile, thank you and congratulations on your well-deserved award”.

(Stella O’Leary, Headteacher Stour Academy Trust)

NB – every setting in Kent attending the Enhancing Family Involvement in Children’s Learning course receives one, KCC funded EFICL Toolkit, including the introductory Schema DVD.  Further copies of the EFICL pack or a copy of the full Schema DVD are chargeable.

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